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There’s never a bad time to invest in a scarf. When the temperatures suddenly drop (trust us, it's coming), throw one on over your Nehru coat or jacket, smug in the knowledge that our lamsbwool and cashmere scarves are natural insulators. Made in Italy, each is designed to compliment our latest arrivals, making use of classic herringbones and checks.


Pair a cashmere scarf with a classic cashmere jumper for a gift set that's sure to please. 

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We use only the finest cashmere and lambswool yarns for our scarves. The cashmere goat produces roughly enough wool for one scarf in a year, making these fibres rare and therefore highly prized. Our cashmere scarves are unusual in that they’re made from recycled fibres. Pre-owned garments are shredded and spun into new fabric that’s just as soft as regular cashmere, while reducing fabric waste. Like virgin yarns the recycled stuff is up to eight times warmer than sheeps’ wool, and incredibly soft to the touch. 

Lambswool is quite literally wool taken from a lamb’s first shearing. It’s finer and softer than older sheeps’ wool, and more plentiful than cashmere. Being a natural fibre, it insulates and regulates temperature (the same goes for our cashmere), making it pretty ideal when it comes to keeping you warm. Both our cashmere and lambswool scarves are finished with fringing on both ends, and come in a range of hues and checks.

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