Our story

The year was 2010. Henry Hales made an interesting discovery whilst plotting to take over the men’s underwear market. That shirt-makers often end up with a surplus of fabric, enough to make some seriously good boxers. So, SIRPLUS was born. 

Day one sees Henry pitch up in Spitalfields Market with an armful of boxers and a fistful of dreams. Day one has a grand take home of £0. But from day one word begins to spread and so does SIRPLUS. After setting up a trestle table on Portobello Market, we become a regular fixture outside of No. 306A.  

Years pass, boxer shorts are sold and Henry has new ideas. From upcycled underwear to formal waistcoats, naturally. Made from surplus and fitted in Henry's front room (a spacious east London studio is still a few years away at this point), they quickly grow in popularity. The Nehru follows soon after, kick-starting our signature collarless calling. We perfect a very British take on very Parisian workwear - the chore jacket joins the SIRPLUS family. Closely followed by a playful selection of printed Cuban shirts. Design meetings may grow in size, but Henry keeps SIRPLUS firmly rooted in surplus fabrics. 

A street market stall becomes a purpose-built cart. A purpose-built cart becomes 6 central London stores. We make new friends and scope out the best coffee spots in Chelsea, Marylebone and Islington, to name a few. Our distribution centre opens, so never again will Henry get stuck on a lawn while hand-delivering a package, disturbing a rather grand Christmas party in the process. 

Along the way, we extend the SIRPLUS family, with a talented bunch of creatives working from a head office in Portobello. We partner with causes like Solar Aid & Sapling to plant trees and pave the way for sustainable futures. We put jokes on our ties to support the Global Penguin Society, and partner with local artists to create one of a kind prints. 

The year was 2020, and SIRPLUS celebrates its 10th birthday. Alot may have changed, but alot hasn’t too. We're still using surplus. We still choose Made In England whenever possible. We still strive to work with the highest quality factories and fabrics around the world. We still turn would-be waste into lifetime companion pieces. 

The next 10? We’ll continue to design with a vision of your clothes lasting longer, being worn more often and adapting to a variety of seasons. We’ll continue to partner with causes to create positive change. We’ll continue to listen to our local communities and our customers on how we can serve them best. Oh, and we’ll keep making boxers from the finest offcuts imaginable too.