Dressing Gowns

Be transported to a world of comfort in the Sir Plus Dressing Gown. Proving that luxury and formality are not required synonyms. Made from the most lavish materials. Slip into a gown made of classic cashmere, comfortable cotton, or warm wool. Each dressing gown is loosely fitted for optimum comfort and features an open front that the more modest gentlemen can close with the matching belt.


Our men’s dressing gowns display all the strengths and qualities of Sir Plus in an informal garment. Otherwise known as robes. Also known as the perfect way to stay both comfortable and chic on a chilly morning. As our dressing gowns are made from the most luxurious fabrics, lounging at home has never looked so sophisticated.

All styles of our dressing gowns are made in Britain and cover a wide range of colours and materials appropriate for any season.

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