Spotlighting our new season chore jackets, just in time for autumn

Spotlighting our new season chore jackets, just in time for autumn


A staple piece of workwear that has been loved in equal parts for its form and function for centuries, the chore jacket is the perfect answer to your outerwear woes. A dynamic staple piece of menswear that’s comfortable, well-fitting and perfect to dress up and down, it’s essential for transitional weather when you need an extra layer, but it’s not yet cold enough for your heaviest overcoat.


Navy Wool Cashmere Chore Jacket

While chore jackets were first introduced in cotton as a lightweight option for workers to throw on during the early mornings and cold nights, we’ve added more luxurious materials such as cashmere and Harris Tweed into circulation for autumn and winter days. Ensuring that we maintained the most-loved features of the chore jacket were essential, which is why we’ve kept the boxy, comfortable shape, the multiple pockets – but added our SIRPLUS edge by upgrading it for the modern man.

Blue Harris Tweed Chore Jacket

Whether you pick our Harris Tweed, Wool-Cashmere blend or cotton twill version, you can rest in the knowledge that they are made from the most pure fabrics. Each one looks great in its own right, and we love dressing these up or down, depending on the occasion. The Harris Tweed looks especially good for smarter occasions, worn with a cotton shirt and a seasonal knit, and we’re fans of pairing our wool cashmere-mix and cotton iterations with a simple crewneck or cotton T-shirt.


Cotton Chores

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