SIRPLUS in conversation: Rohan Radhakrishnan & Fabian Clark, founders of Quarter

At SIRPLUS, we’re all about connecting with like-minded founders who see a gap in the market and go for it, which is exactly why we wanted to sit down with Rohan and Fabian, founders of Quarter. Best friends for 23 years and both with a wealth of experience in the creative and food and beverage industries, Rohan and Fabian put their heads together and decided to break boundaries in a new category in the world of alcohol: a 12% spirit that gave you the buzz of booze, without the blur of a hangover. 

Rohan wears a green cardigan, and Fabian wears a grey crew neck jumper

We had to tear up the rule book from a brand building perspective, while also respecting and following the traditional distillation methods that make spirits so delicious,” Rohan and Fabian explain. “The biggest hurdle has been converting sceptics into believers, which we’ve done by having a quality product that stands up against both the 0% and the 40%+ space in the market.” Their entry into the industry is timely, with 3/4 adults in the UK moderating their alcohol intake and that a lot of people are becoming more mindful with what they drink and how often they do it. “We intend to promote more mindful drinking (on the body and the mind), but in a fun way,” they explain. “Moderation doesn’t have to be boring and we love the buzz that alcohol brings and believe that getting tipsy is the best part of drinking.”

Rohan wears a navy bomber jacket, and Fabian wears a navy chore jacket

Rohan and Fabian knew that they needed to make a big impact from day one if they were going to get real spirit drinkers on board with their low-booze option, so they collaborated with former head distiller at Diageo, Anthony Wilson. Diageo are the brains behind the likes of Guinness, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Bailey’s, Smirnoff, and many other of the world’s biggest brands, so they knew they were in safe hands. 

Creating spirits that have all of the flavour of the spirits that we’re so used to but without any of the negative side effects has been achieved by Quarter. That’s why you may recognise their distinctive branding from Dragons’ Den or any from the shop floors and behind the bars of many of the supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants that you frequent.

Fabian and Rohan go for comfort, durability, warmth and of course, style, as they’re often on the go. That’s why they were drawn to our new season must-haves, including lambswool jumpers in red and grey; our cord chore jacket, which is the perfect piece when the weather can’t make up its mind; our moleskin bomber jacket as a new season layering piece; green wool-cashmere mix cardigans; and an all time favourite, the green needlecord grandad shirt.

Explore Fabian and Rohan's selection from our Autumn Winter Collection, available online and in our London stores

Fabian and Rohan will be serving drinks in our Marylebone store on Thursday, November 9th, from 3-8pm.


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