SIRPLUS x Thom Bradley, Co-Founder of New Theory

When someone starts to make a splash, we find it hard to look away. And when we came across New Theory wines, we were hooked. Founded by brothers Charlie and Thom Bradley, New Theory is a craft wine company that takes the pretentiousness of wine out of the equation and adds back a sense of approachability by challenging the traditional conventions surrounding it.

“We learned a lot from watching the rise of craft beers and spirits, and it felt like the wine industry didn’t have the brands that you could really fall in love with the same way,” explains Thom. Case in point? The raves that the brand hosts showcase a new product in place of a cheese and wine pairing. “Our wines aren’t pretentious and you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy them. They taste just as good when drunk on a sticky dance floor at 2am,” Thom says.

With a background in graphic design and art directing, Thom understood that to break into an industry so steeped in history, he needed to make a mark. “My brief to myself was to create a brand which looks like nothing else I’d seen in wine before – and I think we’ve done that. I’ve always loved the underdog, the brands who do something different, stand for something and rip up the rulebook.” And that he did: New Theory is a very distinctive brand that looks equally as good on your kitchen table during a dinner party as it does on the middle of the dance floor.

For a brand that’s already made a big impact, what’s next? New Theory is in the process of becoming a B-Corp and has ambitions of a more sustainable future – which includes serving wine from a keg. A brilliant idea and one that certainly feeds into the Bradley’s ambition of ripping up the rulebook. 

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