SIRPLUS x Freddie Grubb - on your bike!

We’ve always been ones to celebrate community-led action and mobility. This is why we’re good friends with Islington-based bicycle brand, Freddie Grubb

Inspired by the record-breaking cyclist Frederick H. Grubb, Freddie Grubb makes award-winning bicycles for everyday modern living. Each hand-built and carefully-curated bicycle is designed with a purpose – to be as cherished and utile a vehicle for its owner as is possible. 


Bicycle at Portobello

Fittingly enough, we at SIRPLUS do the same with our clothes. The elaboration of each given item is intended not only for utility, but also to be a garment that will be a lasting companion to its wearer. 

As two brands that embrace an ethos of conscious consumption and value responsible production, both us at SIRPLUS and Freddie Grubb constantly seek to integrate greater world needs into all that we do. 


Camden Passage


As London emerges from harsher times and colder seasons, the days are getting longer and our communities are coming alive. The lighter times we’re facing speak to the changes we seek to instil, as we are given a fresh start to create a different way of living as well as consuming. Hence, in the spirit of these new spring beginnings, we’re partnering with Freddie Grubb in creating a collaborative bike to complement our Spring-Summer 2022 collection.



As a chance to commemorate the fulfilment of a design-led, more conscious way of urban living, this collaboration celebrates the force that is London and its local brands making a difference in our everyday lives. Such a convergence seeks to bind design in its multiple forms and introduce each brand’s respective community to one another's. 

To round off this collaboration, we’re launching an Instagram competition whereby each of our followers and joining participants will get the chance to win the limited edition bike, as well as a selected outfit from our Spring-Summer 2022 collection. 




Throughout the month of April and the duration of the competition, Freddie Grubbs’ limited edition bicycle will take a tour around London. Starting at Freddie Grubb, it will move on to various SIRPLUS stores during a limited amount of time, being made available for all to engage with. 

Starting April 3rd, the competition will select two winners from the prize draw. One will receive our limited edition bike, whilst the other will obtain our clothing giveaway – including the new Kulfi Green Cuban Shirt and a Beige Cotton Chore Jacket (in your chosen sizes).


Kulfi Green Cuban Shirt

For A Chance To Win

1. Tag a friend on one of the dedicated competition posts on SIRPLUS' Instagram

2. Follow @sirplusclothing

3. Follow @freddiegrubb

4. For an extra entry: Find our bike in one of the SIRPLUS London stores, take a picture to upload on your story, and tag SIRPLUS in it.

5. More details to come on our Instagram, so get following to win!

Terms and Conditions

Both the winner of the bike and the winner of the garments will be chosen at random.

UK Only - The winner of the bicycle must be able to collect their new bicycle from Freddie Grubb (N1 1TP).

The competition closes at 12pm on Sunday May1st. The winner will be announced the following day, Monday May 2nd. 

*Please note that you will ONLY be contacted by either @sirplusclothing or @freddiegrubb, and we will NOT ask for your bank details. Please be wary of fake Instagram pages, and block and report any fraudulent accounts who may try to do so.

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