Founded in 2006, international charity SolarAid combats both poverty and climate change by providing solar lights in Malawi and Zambia.


598 million people in Africa alone have no access to electricity. This leaves millions to rely on dangerous alternatives to be able to study, work or simply socialise after the sun has set. Many families are reduced to using dangerous alternatives such as candles, or homemade kerosene lamps which hazardously emit toxic black smoke, causing health risks and effectively consume 15% of a family’s income.


SolarAid offer safe, renewable, unpolluted and affordable lights. They ensure even the poorest are able to have hours of light in the evenings and feel safer in their homes. With longer light hours, both adults and children are provided with additional time to learn and in effect build stronger futures. The solar light offers 6 hours of bright light each night.


SolarAid distribute their lights through their social enterprise SunnyMoney, which help catalyse solar markets and create sustainable change.


Photos by Patrick Bentley


SIRPLUS has partnered with SolarAid for this limited edition ‘Orange Wind Turbine Tie’, made from 100% silk. £10 from each tie purchase will be donated to SolarAid. Emily Foan, our Head of Buying who first recognised the charity, says “We wanted to find a charity with a shared interest in combatting climate change. When we came across SolarAid we were amazed by their work and immediately wanted to spread the word. They are helping those in need, fast, with a safe, solar light and in doing so they are also helping reduce harmful kerosene lamps. It’s not just a light, it’s a long-term source of safety and education, amongst many other things. We are matching every tie bought with a solar light, meaning you can wear the limited-edition Wind Turbine silk tie proudly; not only are you standing up for climate change, you are also helping those in need.”



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