Not Your Average Suit - Hugo Worsley

Allday Goods – which is best known for its beautiful and unique kitchen knives –  is one of those rare brands that is as authentic as it claims to be. The homegrown brand is not only aesthetically pleasing but each of its products are made in Sheffield, with the help of waste products.

We sat down to talk to the brand’s founder, Hugo Worsley, about how he came up with such an original idea, his passion for packaging and what’s next for the brand.

After spending a couple of years working in professional kitchens, Hugo realised that there was a huge gap to fill: hardly any kitchen knives sat between the cheaper and the expensive ends of the spectrum. Understanding that many people place equal value on aesthetics and functionality, Hugo set about creating Allday Goods, whose ethos is centred on the fact that good looking kitchen knives don’t need to cost the earth – both financially and environmentally.

Recently, the team held a carboot sale where they sold a small batch of old Sheffield-made cutlery knives which they’d spent months collecting, cleaning and attaching Allday Goods handles to. There were 200 cutlery  knives on sale that day, and they sold out in an instant. “After the carboot sale, we had a waitlist for those interested in receiving cutlery knives whenever we had more available. Within 24 hours, we had 2,000 names signed up so we knew that we had to think carefully about what to do next", Hugo explains.

“We knew that we wanted to do something that involved the Sheffield cutlery industry which has, in recent years, declined as cheaper costs can be found overseas.”

So what did they do? They decided to launch their own table cutlery, made exclusively in Sheffield by a third-generation cutlery maker. Each blade is entirely made in Sheffield with handles made from plastic waste material. One look at Allday Goods’ Instagram page or website and you’ll be able to see that they place equal emphasis on the way something looks and works, and packaging has always been a huge part of Hugo’s personal inspiration.

“We try to have fun with packaging and create something that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see from a kitchen knife or cutlery company. It’s the first thing the person will see from you, so it has to be as important as the knife inside.”

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