Your Definitive Guide to Loungewear

Loungewear can be quite divisive. For some, it’s an out-and-out ‘no’, sparking too many negative associations for those that are sartorially inclined. For others, it’s a hard yes: one that’s come after the years that we’ve been working from home in a post-Covid world. But what if we re-framed the idea of loungewear and rather than focus on years-old tracksuits, looked to some new essentials that placed pure comfort at the forefront? Read on to discover how to style out loungewear – by making sure it actually looks good.

The Dressing Gown

A dressing gown has to be one of the most underrated pieces of loungewear. Comfort, warmth and associations with relaxation are very much its bread and butter. And ours have everything you’d expect: all of the above, plus they are made with the finest fabrics that are built to last. Whether you chose wool, cotton or cashmere, the dressing gown should definitely be on your list.

Boxers and Socks

Traditionally, boxers and socks aren’t really counted as loungewear but we don’t see why not, since they’re the two things you’ll almost certainly be wearing everyday. As always, comfort comes first, so it’s essential to pick both in soft and breathable cotton. We’ve been perfecting the shape of our boxers for a decade (they were the first item we ever made) so you can be sure that they’ve reached peak status.


We believe that there’s nothing quite as essential as a well-made, super comfortable pyjama. Ours are cut with a relaxed fit and made with soft and tactile cashmere or luxurious silk. Making them pair perfectly with cosy slippers and a good book, offering you some well-deserved downtime.

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