Lost in the Post - Summer Lookbook

Summer is fleeting, a brief moment of euphoria that keeps us warm as we look to embrace the darker half of the year. In these months, we collect souvenirs and send postcards, treasuring the ephemeral and creating timeless memories. 

‘Lost in the Post’ is a celebration of the nostalgic and the wistful, a dive into our personal archives. 

 On the shores of Whitstable, we share fond memories and reimagine past summers. We stroll through time, meandering through cherished moments and histories all but forgotten. 

SIRPLUS Geo Jacquard-Knit Polo
SIRPLUS Sienna Virgin Wool Silk Blazer
SIRPLUS Sienna Virgin Wool Silk Blazer
SIRPLUS Teal Cotton Seersucker Blazer

The entire collection is now available online and in our London stores