The Simple Pleasures of SIRPLUS: A Father's Day Gift Guide

They say that you can't put a price on the joys of parenthood, but with Father's Day fast approaching, the pressure is on to express your gratitude for years of early morning shifts, late night lifts, and cheering you on from the side-lines of frosty football pitches. 


Here at SIRPLUS, we know Dads can come in all forms. One thing we're pretty sure of though — whether he's an adventurer or trendsetter, more at home in his shed or at a show — is that they don't want a fuss. For the man who maybe has everything, the best thing you can give this Father's Day is the gift of good taste. Shop our fuss-free gift guide below for our favourite kinds of Dad. 

For the Trendsetter

Something's changed in recent years. Maybe you tilt your head to the side, or catch him in a certain light. But you’ve realised your Dad is actually quite cool. Maybe you are older and wiser, maybe he is better dressed, or maybe you've come to finally appreciate how his pattern shirts are the perfect complement to his pattern baldness. 


Whilst at SIRPLUS we have always defended 'Dadcore' (a phrase to make him retire to the garage and lock the door forever), this Father's Day is the perfect time to celebrate your Father's favourites. Gift one of our bold Cuban shirts, available in a plethora of prints and rest easy in the knowledge that he can pair it with anything in his wardrobe for a Summer style statement. Bright linens are perfect for breezy dog walks, stripes add sophistication to a Sunday lunch and floral and mosaic print make him easy to spot in a crowded beer garden, when the pair of you catch up over a crisp pint. 

The Taste Tester

He may not have watched The Bear, but he lives his life by The Book of St John and can remember the name of every Gordon Ramsey restaurant both sides of the river. Your Father is a foodie and you cannot gift him another tasting menu — there simply aren't enough hours in the day. 


Our Waffle Knit Polo is the perfect accoutrement for a fan of the finer foods. A loose-cut and breathable organic cotton is ideal after a large meal and even the texture pays homage to our favourite breakfast food. The polo comes in a menu of colours — cream, teal, caramel and navy — although maybe pick a darker shade if you Father has a fondness for farfalle. 

The Jet Setter

Duty free may be his home territory, but it's not his parenting style. The jet setting Dad is tricky to shop for; elusive, but not reclusive, his bookshelf is bursting with Lonely Planets, his Samsonite is sparkling and, quite frankly, his fridge cannot fit another magnet. 


We can't answer the question of where he should go next, but we can suggest a present so good he'll take you along for the ride. A cotton-linen Nehru Waistcoat provides a lightweight layer, saving on packing space and transforming any outfit in any location. Made in England and available in navy, sand and green, it offers a little bit of home even on the most exotic of holidays.

For the Adventurer

Does your Father feel most at home in the thickest of forests and the muddiest of moors? You've probably exhausted the typical gift options for the wayfaring wanderer and he's probably exhausted you on hundreds of hikes, countless camping trips and endless excursions over the years. 


If he's got more provisions than functions on a Swiss army knife, then practical pieces are your way forward. Our Utility Gilet is the perfect layer, made from a durable cotton twill with enough pockets to ensure he is prepared for every eventuality. Available in navy and olive green, our Utility Gilet looks good with everything, meaning his attention can stay focused on reading the map. Style with a head torch, bewildered offspring and maybe a thick pair of socks to line his walking boots — check out our cotton and wool-cashmere collections here

For the Best-Dressed-Rester

For some Dads, the idea of adventure is pressing shuffle on a Spotify playlist, the furthest excursion to the new Gail's opening at the end of the road. This Dad longs for a lie-in and celebrates simplicity. And unless you were a remarkably well-behaved child, you probably caused him a few sleepless nights. As he catches up on decades of relaxing, resting and reclining, you wonder what to buy your peaceful parent, who already has subscriptions to the TLS and Gardener's World.


If there's one thing recent years have taught us, it's that creatures of comfort can also be stylish souls. Make lounging a luxury with our Cotton Silk Pyjamas. The white and blue stripe will brighten up any empty nest, whilst the real mother-of-pearl buttons add sophistication to any sedentary hobby. Style with a cup of tea just how he likes it and an offer to do the hoovering later on.