Take Five in Our Archive: SIRPLUS x Epoca Blu

We are proud to announce our latest collaboration - perhaps our most special and certainly our most exclusive, to date. We've teamed up with Tom Buckden of Epoca Blu, who has dived into our archive to create ten unique shirts from our past fabrics. It's SIRPLUS surplus, if you will.

Playful in spirit and daring in origin, our collaboration with Tom is a masterclass in individuality. The perfect pairing, we share with Tom a love for the unconventional, the original and a unique origin story. 

Epoca Blu is a shirting studio unrivalled in its artistry. Like us, Tom sources surplus materials here in London to create entirely handmade garments, each with its own unique history. Charming in their individuality, each shirt tells a story. Tom, a self-taught shirtmaker, finds inspiration everywhere, from vintage tablecloths to the offcuts of Italian tailors

The joy of craftsmanship is palpable in every shirt. From its sustainability to its practicality, Epoca Blu shirts are carefully considered at every step of their creation. After the fabric is sourced, it is washed, cut, sewn and finished, creating one-of-a-kind pieces to be worn for life. 

In the spaces between Mediterranean skies, Japanese typefaces and provincial French architecture you can find the inspiration for our collaboration. Offbeat nautical designs are reminiscent of midcentury Cuban shirts, adopting a ‘static style’ alongside a relaxed fit and camp collar. Timeless designs are reimagined with Tom’s aesthetic sensibilities and our very own surplus materials.

There are ten shirts available. Five are developed in warm, rust hues, reminiscent of a sun-drenched Seville, cobbled streets and wood-smoked tapas picked over late into a summer’s evening with friends. The other five call to mind a swimming pool David Hockney would envy, in tranquil shades of blue. Cool, calming tones transport the wearer to distant shores of brilliant white sand and crystal waters.

With limited quantities of each fabric, Tom has crafted each shirt from multiple materials within the SIRPLUS archives to create a patchwork design. Each shirt is unique and symbolises our shared ethos that no material is ever without use.