Tree planting for Black Friday

We look forward to Black Friday every year, but not for the usual reasons. While we aren’t really into the hyper-consumerism thing, we like to think there’s another way. A way to offer great deals that feel special, whilst staying as sustainable as we can. 

So this November, we are excited to be partnering with Sapling for the third year running. Sapling Spirits are a climate positive drinks company who sponsor tree-planting schemes in city environments. Their urban trees have four main purposes:

  1. Improve local air pollution
  2. Mitigate the effects of climate change
  3. Create healthier communities
  4. Improve mental wellbeing.

Following the past two year’s Covid-19 struggles, the greening of urban areas feels more important than ever. Sapling’s model helps to engage local communities in a variety of ways with their planting,  so everyone can feel a little less alone. Plus, they make sure that all their young trees are maintained for two years, to ensure they reach their full potential.

Inspired by Sapling’s work, we want to do our bit too. So we will be sponsoring the planting of a tree for every order placed through the Black Friday period. Plus, a 15% saving will be available across our range - so you’ll bag a good deal and a good deed in one. 


To read more about Sapling and how they plant their trees visit their website.


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