On a crisp winter day under the White Cliffs of Dover, we sat down with Tait and enjoyed sizzling French toast with grapefruit flambé, briefly immersing ourselves in his wild world.

Making the right choices when it comes to what we eat and wear is now essential and widely favored. The purer and more organic, the better it is for both ourselves and the planet. However, for those of us living a fast-paced city life and faced with a plethora of options in the information age, this can often seem daunting. Chef and content creator Tait Miller has shown us that these choices are easier and simpler than we think.

Taking the wilderness by the hand, Tait leads the way towards a lifestyle that promotes the kind of wellness our minds and bodies crave. He creates simple, modern meals by taking his portable cook box, camera, and himself into nature. The result is an organic approach to food and fashion choices, where the wilderness influences our daily lives.

SP: As a big advocate of the outdoors, you enjoy immersing yourself in the wild. Could you explain to us the concept of "wild events"? 

Tait: Wild events begin much like typical events, except instead of turning on the stove and retrieving food from the refrigerator, you start a fire, light it, and gather your ingredients from a cooler. I transitioned to wild cooking to fulfill my passion for the outdoors and to experience the joy of hosting while surrounded by inspiring environments.

SP: What challenges or benefits have you experienced while using organic ingredients?

Tait: One of the major challenges with organic products is ensuring their authenticity as organic. I am eager to delve deeper into the agriculture industry in my creative pursuits and educate others on how to make informed food choices.

SP: Your food presentation is impeccably on point. Could you describe your personal approach to clothing style? 

Tait: I like to keep things simple in both my food and fashion. Through experience in outdoor settings or by chance, I am becoming more attracted to earthy tones and natural materials. I always choose clothing that is functional and built to last in harsh weather conditions. 

SIRPLUS & Kingsley Walters in his east london studio.
SIRPLUS & Kingsley Walters in his east london studio.

SP: Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting out and wants to adopt a healthier, more organic lifestyle?

Tait: When transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, I recommend taking it one step at a time. The biggest pitfall is attempting to make too many changes all at once. Begin by reducing alcohol consumption, improving your diet, or increasing physical activity. I've found that once people get started, they tend to naturally make better choices."

Tait wears SIRPLUS's wool chore jacket, sand overshirt, white t-shirt and corduroy trousers from his SIRPLUS selection.

SP: In addition to presenting your recipes in an appealing way, you also use eco-friendly packaging. Could you share more about this aspect of your work?

Tait: Having worked in the highly wasteful hospitality industry and now pursuing outdoor cooking, I have a firsthand view of the negative impact on the environment. I am motivated to reduce waste in any way possible. One effective method I have found is investing in durable equipment that can withstand high temperatures.

SP: Have you been trying out any new ingredients or exploring any current nutritional trends lately?


Tait: Currently, I am fascinated by the relationship between the microbes in our bodies and factors such as illness, weight gain and loss. This concept has been pushed forward by researchers like Tim Spector and others who believe it holds the key to understanding our bodies. The dietary suggestion is to consume a diverse diet including at least 30 types of vegetables, along with nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Tait and we share a passion for making organic products more accessible and comfortable. Our belief is that consumption impacts both the environment and our health, so we're proud to align with trailblazers like Tait who share these values.


"I made the move to wild cooking to embrace my love for the outdoors and to be able to enjoy what I love about hosting whilst being in places that inspire me."

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