Rise of the Overshirt


As the sun cuts through the browning leaves and the hot air mingles with the cool, it can sometimes be difficult to dress for Autumn’s swinging temperatures. The beauty of the overshirt is that it acts as that versatile halfway house between jacket and shirt, fitting for an in-between season.

The limited edition SIRPLUS overshirt comes in three different colours this season: Amber cotton, Sand cotton, and Grey checked wool. Despite bringing their own unique hue, they also evince their own individual weight, style and touch.

The sand cotton twill is a velvety soft and lightweight. Its draped fit and elegant colour is just right for a sunny weekend walk. Sunglasses on, overpriced coffee in hand and kicking your feet through the leaves. But, it’s almost irrelevant what you do in this jacket, because panache is always guaranteed. Pair this supremely stylish jacket with blue chinos and a pair of smooth white trainers, and you have yourself an unbeatable casual outfit.





The amber cotton-twill has an ever-so-slightly thicker, more chore feel, giving more weight and solidity. This autumnal shade is a treat to style and blends so well with the eco-friendly corozo nut buttons throughout. Slip it on, check mirror and witness the sumptuous style. This has the potential to become your most worn, most cherished item of AW 2020/21. 




Finally, the wool grey checked overshirt in wool has a softness with the power to instantly coerce a warming smile. It comes with a more grunge-inspired, but no less refined, sensibility thanks to the check patterning. 




With all the overshirts, ergonomics have been intelligently considered thanks to the angling of the pockets. And they come with the stamp of green approval: eco-friendly corozo nut, constructed from surplus materials, constructed in Portugal, a country with high human sustainable credentials.  

Sauntering around cobbled streets on a sun-dappled afternoon has never felt and looked so good.




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