Men's Wedding Waistcoat

Groom, groomsman or guest: we’ve got you covered.

Wedding season is here and there’s no time like the present to get your wear-forever outfit sorted, whether you’re a groom, a groomsman or a guest. Some years are quiet and others will have you sitting front and centre at a different wedding every weekend, so having the perfect outfit that you can wear come rain, shine and all the weathers in between, is essential.

Whether the dress code states tails or suits, there are a couple of things that no wedding outfit should be without, starting with the waistcoat. We’ve been proponents of the waistcoat since SIRPLUS was born and for good reason: it’s a staple that can truly make or break the wedding suit.

Our favourites? A double-breasted made from quality materials, like linen and cotton, with beautiful details and a timeless silhouette that is guaranteed to outlast almost anything else in your closet.

The colour you choose should, in our mind, depend on your role in the wedding. As a guest, it’s worth sticking to something neutral and muted, like our oatmeal, sand or grey colours. As a groom, why not try something a little bolder, such as dusty pink, light blue or mustard. Groomsmen? You’ll likely need to take your cue from the groom but if he’s given you free reign, we’d recommend asking what he’s wearing and going for a quieter version of that – because upstaging the groom should never be on the agenda.

Next up? A tie. Naturally, you’ll want to pick something that depends on the occasion and again, what your role in the wedding is.

A groom will likely gift his groomsmen with a tie as a gesture of thanks so grooms, if you’re reading this, take time to think about the theme of the wedding. If there are bright tones in the flowers or the bridesmaids are wearing a certain colour, it can be a nice touch to try and weave that into your groomsmen’s ties. If you’re shopping for yourself, think about the colour of your waistcoat and suit and go from there.  As a groom, you’re going to want to go for something timeless so that you can look at in decades to come and still be pleased with your choice. 

All of our ties are made from silk or a wool/silk blend and are built to last. We’ve created designs that work for all kinds of weddings, so you can be safe in the knowledge that whatever you pick has been designed for a man just like you.

And finally, the trousers. What you pick will, of course, depend on the type of wedding you’re attending.

Off to the south of France for a wedding in a quaint town or heading for a proper destination wedding on the beach? Linen should be your best friend and we’ve got new season styles that’ll be perfect. Pick from sand, navy or French blue and build the rest of your outfit from there. 

If you’re staying closer to home on English soil and attending a wedding that states suits or tails on the dress code, you’ll want to pick a heavier and more tailored trouser, such as our virgin wool tailored trousers or our houndstooth formal trousers – both of which are perfect options for any traditional affair.

So, whether you’re a groom, groomsman or wedding guest, it truly pays to make sure that you’ve invested in the best of the best this wedding season. We’re firm believers in the concept of buying well, buying once. Get it right this summer and you’ll be thankful for the many wedding seasons to come.

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