Not Your Average Suit - Mecko Mendez

Welcome to our latest series, Not Your Average Suit, where we connect with humans who excel in the creative worlds. The common thread? A love of suits. But on their own terms, unbound by dress codes and conventions.

Meet Mecko Mendez, a passionate and enthusiastic lover of vintage clothing. Just one look at Mecko will tell you he’s got that innate personal style that so many desire; a genuine eye for clothing that both looks and feels good.

Mecko has had a keen eye for vintage since he was a young boy, citing some of his earliest memories as watching Western films with his father and latterly developing a keen interest in the statement pieces of clothing from those eras, be it a pair of 1940s high-waisted trousers, 1950s shirts, 1970s vintage tees. Whatever it was, Mecko loved it. 

“My mother said that I was always collecting other people’s ‘bruk’, which is a Jamaican term that refers to other people’s junk. I’d always reply, telling her that what I was finding was timeless gold.”

That passion has remained and Mecko has since created a business out of vintage clothing, Valdana Vintage. 


Valdana is all about sourcing vintage clothing for everyone, no matter their style. And one look at their site proves just how on-point Mecko’s eye is – from garish printed shirts and knitwear to everyday work trousers, jackets and everything in between. 

Jewelry plays a significant role in Mecko's style, with many of his looks being complemented by the rings, necklaces, and bracelets that he wears.

“The amazing thing about buying and collecting vintage is that you never know what you will find. It’s a never-ending, beautiful story.”

“Day-to-day, I wear a lot of 1950s nylon shirts, gab tees and linen and cotton shirts. I like the versatility of these pieces, as I can mix and match different pieces. The aim is to always have a vintage feel, whatever the weather.”

Mecko has curated a selection of pieces from our latest summer collection that resonate best with his vintage-inspired style.

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