An igloo-sive new collaboration: Sir Plus x The Global Penguin Society


Climate change is snow joke for the world’s 18 species of penguins. Along with ocean pollution, fishing mismanagement and oil drilling, it’s one of the reasons why 55% of the species are listed as under threat.

It’s why we’ve decided to donate 10% of all profits from our igloo-sive Burgundy Penguin Tie to the Global Penguin Society. Inspired by the classic chocolate biscuits, we’ve printed one of three pr-ice-less jokes on the back blade (we’ve never been accused of subtlety when it comes to humour), with an all-over emperor penguin print.

The Global Penguin Society, co-founded by Dr Pablo Borboroglu, works with a focus on conservation and solutions for sustainable activities in the oceans. Based in Argentina, where species like the Magellanic penguin live in warm desert-like conditions, GPS fosters a “conservation culture” through education in local communities.

Penguin Tie

On a global scale, it conducts scientific research, monitoring populations and assessing issues that pose a challenge to the flightless birds, and successfully lobbies governments to establish and uphold protected areas. Most recently, GPS helped to establish the “Blue Patagonia” UNESCO biosphere reserve, which today protects 40% of the global population of Magellanic penguins.

“When I see a penguin, I feel like they really reflect how wonderful and how fantastic this planet is… and also how fragile it is,” said Dr Borboroglu, who in 2010 won a Whitley Award (dubbed the Green Oscars for their significance in the scientific community). You can hear more of Dr Borboroglu's words in the video below, and support GPS by buying the Burgundy Penguin Tie.

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