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SIRPLUS was founded with the belief that waste is, quite simply, too wasteful.

A lot has happened since Henry first found some shirtmaker’s offcuts. It’s been over 10 years since then, but some things don’t change.

SIRPLUS started with surplus. And as we’ve grown, we have always returned to our purpose. We still see waste as an opportunity. The opportunity to turn specially selected offcuts into lifetime companion pieces, for a life well-lived.

As our line has grown, we have adopted more fabrics into the fray. Wherever we can, we source fabrics that fit with our principles - to create clothing that looks good and does good too. Approximately one-third of our garments are still made using surplus. 

When it isn’t possible to source the right kind of surplus, we commission carefully selected non-surplus materials. Functional, durable and of the highest quality. Always ethically produced and held to the same high standards we demand of our surplus pieces, meaning every yard is made to last.

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