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Presenting our Knitted Polo Shirts - where the past meets the present, perfectly. Fusing a classic vintage style with a modern flair, these lightweight summer knits are all about a laid-back vibe. Soft, wide collars, complementing a relaxed resort cut connect contemporary coolness with the polish of the past. We’ve paid attention to every detail to give each new piece its own personality including bold jacquard textures, soft waffle stitching and delicate chevron designs.


When it comes to Knitted Polo Shirts, the name speaks for itself. Known for their effortless style, the key to these pieces is obviously that they are knitted, whilst a traditional Polo Shirt tends to be woven. Here at SIRPLUS, however, we’ve given it a little more thought than that. Many techniques and textures are used to create our distinct designs, all of which feature a soft collar, reinforced placket with buttons and a relaxed fit. Whether you’re wondering about waffle stitch or hyped for a herringbone, scroll on to learn more. 

Herringbone Stitch

Perhaps the oldest stitch on this list, Herringbone has endured the test of time for its famed V shaped pattern. This delicate stitch is achieved through a specific sequence of knit and slip stitches. The resultant texture resembles the bones of a fish, creating a distinctive abstract pattern across the fabric.

Rust & Yellow Textured Stripe Polo, Polo Shirts - SIRPLUS

Stripe Stitch

Keeping it simple, Stripe knitting creates horizontal rows of colour in the knitted fabric. Different colours of yarn across rounds achieve this classic look, beloved in counter-culture across history.

Moss Stitch

Offering a Celtic touch to fabric, Moss stitching creates a textured pattern that reminds us of nature’s beauty. Resembling formations of moss or clusters of pebbles, the stitch alternates knit and purl stitching, reversing the technique backwards and forwards to create a raised texture on both sides of the fabric. 

Green Melange Knit Resort Polo, Polo Shirts - SIRPLUS
Cream Waffle Knit Polo, Polo Shirts - SIRPLUS

Waffle Stitch

Waffle stitch is a knitting technique that creates a textured pattern resembling the surface of a waffle. It's achieved by alternating knit and purl stitches in a specific pattern across rows. This alternating pattern creates raised squares or rectangles, giving the fabric a distinctive waffle-like texture.

Chevron Stitch

A classic pattern, Chevrons form distinctive zigzags and V-shapes within fabric, alternating increases and decreases across rows. Across time it has been compared to rafters, diamonds and antlers, all the while maintaining its popularity. Here at SIRPLUS, when we look at it we see the deep peaks and valleys of the great outdoors. 

Jacquard Stitch

Bold yet intricate, Jacquard stitching allows for detailed colour and pattern work within fabric. The famed pattern is achieved through many different colours of yarn carried across the row, each colour then picked out stitch-by-stitch. Often, each stitch mirrors a chart of pattern, allowing for complex designs like geometric shapes, detailed motifs and even images, to take shape within the fabric.

born from surplus fabrics

SIRPLUS is built on a simple idea: that throwing away fabric that's no longer wanted or isn't "cool" anymore isn't, well... cool anymore.