Why The Crewneck Deserves A Spot In Your Wardrobe

Each time a new season arrives, we’re presented with the perfect opportunity to take a long, hard look at our wardrobes and figure out the pieces that we need to serve us on a day-to-day basis. For us, it’s all about creating (and wearing) pieces that we know we’ll love year after year because they’re timeless, wearable, and made with incredible UK-made materials.


Right now, it’s all eyes on our two new styles of crewneck: cashmere and lambswool. The latter is knitted from medium-weight lambswool that’s spun in our favourite factory in the north of England, it’s thick without being too bulky. The silhouette is sleek, which makes it perfect for layering under a boxy chore jacket or blazer or on top of an everyday Oxford shirt or crisp white tee.



The crewneck jumper has an illustrious history, namely when it was made with pure cotton because of its various athletic and utilitarian origins (think American football players, professional rowers and even the US Navy in the early 1900s). It’s literally called the ‘crew’ neck, named after a team of people that work together with collective effort.

Next up: our cashmere, which is forever the most luxurious, soft and super-light material. We source the cashmere in these jumpers from the heart of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert – the birthplace of goat-rearing – and it is harvested from the finest range of fibres. Our supplier is based in Italy and as ever, we’ve ensured that our cashmere meets the ethical standards that we forever adhere to at SIRPLUS.

But, as always, we’ve reinvented it for the modern man. Understanding that there are many wonderful cotton versions of this jumper, we’ve made it in the two aforementioned luxurious materials that point to the finer details. Like the crewnecks of old, comfort and durability remain at the forefront of our versions, so that it can be worn day after day, year after year. Whether you choose lambswool or cashmere, our new season crewnecks are available in neutral colours or a brand new palette, inspired by American artist Milton Avery’s beautiful paintings. From classic lambswool to premium cashmere, this season's crews are set to be that infallible companion you simply will not go wrong with.

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