Durable outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles

400 million plastic bottles are discarded each year. On average, it takes approximately 450 years for just one bottle to breakdown and decompose. To send these plastic bottles to landfill is only increasing the level of pollution which is now emerging as a global crisis. As a business, we are focused on discovering new ways to incorporate as many eco-friendly possibilities into each new season. Sirplus are committed to helping this plastic crisis by using a sustainable and innovative material made from plastic bottles, as lining for our Nehru jackets.


We obtain our material from the company PERPETUAL, who convert 200 million plastic bottles into sustainable yarn each year. This in turn reduces the use of PTA and MEG petrochemicals which are known to leave a high carbon footprint. Even though plastic is a preferred material, it is very inconvenient if not recycled properly. This is problematic for many countries such as India which generates around 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste per day.



There are a number of reasons why Sirplus use this upcycled material, it reduces petrochemicals dependence, energy consumption, and reduces landfill carbon footprint. After speaking to Emily, our Head of Buying and Design, who stated that “Over the years we’ve perfected our Nehru jacket linings to be the right balance of smart, practical and hard wearing. We are constantly looking for ways we can be more sustainable and keeping abreast of the latest recycled/eco-friendly developments in fabric and trims.”


As part of our sustainable journey, we are also collaborating with a range of charities to result in a positive impact on communities. This recycled fabric helps to support the women’s Co-operative in India, an organisation of women who collect used bottles from households or directly from open landfill.


Emily continued to say “recycled plastic innovations have always been of particular interest to me - a way of trying to reverse our impact on the planet. When I saw this lining, I knew it would be a staple in our collection, it has a smart twill and a slight shimmer. At 51% Polyester 49% Viscose it’s recycling a lot of plastic whilst also being a very durable composition to ensure longevity as a lining”.



At Sirplus we understand the serious environmental effects of plastic waste and aim to alter the way in which clothes are made to help create a more sustainable world.

You can find this sustainable and durable plastic lining in our Midnight Herringbone Nehru Jacket, Navy Classic Nehru Waistcoat and Midnight Navy Velvet Nehru Jacket.


Photograph 1 provided by Unsplash.com 

Photograph 2 provided by Avijit Ghosh



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