Mastering the perfect knot – dimple and all – is no small feat. Start with one of our luxury silk ties, crafted in Italy with a blade that’s just on the right side of slim (see the bottom of this page for the full anatomy of a tie). Choose from classic menswear patterns including herringbone and polka dot, or an exclusive Rose Electra Harris print.


Pair your silk tie with a white collared shirt, Nehru jacket and printed pocket square. A slight clash of accessories gives an air of studied carelessness – go for patterns and colours that don’t quite suit, and never match your socks to your tie.

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Our ties are made in Italy by a team of skilled craftsmen. Each is made up of three main pieces: the blade - the part you see at the front, the tail – which hangs behind, and the neck – which is self-explanatory. The blade and tail are partly lined, or tipped, with a contrasting silk, before the three elements are stitched together and lightly pressed. Interfacing – a thin slither of weightier fabric - is placed in the middle before the tie is wrapped around it and carefully slip-stitched together (adding a keeper – the loop on the back of your tie – in the process).

The only stitches visible from the exterior of the tie is a small tack on either end, each left with a small amount of slack so that the tie can be crumpled, folded and pulled at, always returning to shape. You’ll notice that each of our ties has a three-dimensional quality – be sure not to iron to maintain this appearance. Should your tie become wrinkled, a light steam should do the trick – or try hanging it up in your bathroom while you are showering.

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