March At Its Finest

So the March low down of events, hand picked by yours truly, the Sir Plus team. 


Now, as you know Sir Plus loves a good market, but let's set aside the colourful buildings of Portobello for just a second and think munch, glorious food. Maltby Market opened in 2010 and fast became a popular Sunday destination. So popular that more and more pop ups flooded to serve their wholesome food over on the narrow lane. (Which can get jam packed a peak times, so pick your timings well.) Just a short walk from London Bridge, go with an empty stomach and fill up on tasty Lebanese, the cheesiest of toasties, fresh brownies and of course Little Bird Gin cocktails. 

ropewalk sirplus
Maltby Street Market
Plan your visit here, remember cash - not a hole in the wall in sight.


A tip off from our in-house photographer, the Hive at the Kew Gardens is an exciting multi-sensory experience highlighting the life of bees. (Check out the snaps taken from his visit to the hive over on our Instagram page.)

The exhibition includes sound and visuals that echoes the behaviour of a real beehive. Inspired by some pretty intense bee research in order to portray the feeding from the plant and the challenges facing these poor bees. So head over to Kew and think like a bee, perhaps you can take your hunny along.

The Hive at Kew Gardens


Hands up who has seen this yet? Thoughts? The first Trainspotting film was made way back in 1996 and 20 years on we have the sequel T2.

Train Spotting

So we're under the impression lots has changed in the sequel, but then again has it? The flick gives the audience an insight into the lives of Renton, Spud, Begbie and Sick Boy. Renton returns to the only place he can call home after a long time away but can he escape his past and what or who is waiting for him?

Its preprocessor was quoted ‘The most influential film in the 90’s’ so will fans be as delighted with the second film, well, that's for you to decide. 


Need a new local? Well, central opens it's doors once again to The Running Horse. If Sir Plus did pubs, this would be it. (Yes we did just nick that from Carlsberg) You know, somewhere where a Sir Plus waistcoat would not go a miss. Only moments away from the hussle and bussle of annoying shoppers at Bond Street Station, your'e welcomed with smoke wood panelling, roaring fireplaces and homely lived in furniture giving an interesting and 'not your typical' boozer approach. 

The Running Horse - Mayfair

See more of the Running Horse.  


London Beer Week, yes BEER week, you heard right. Packed to the rafters with pop ups and breweries - its a huge celebration of beer and cider, what’s not to love about that? Book a tour, where you can sample the goods and learn about the best beers around town. How they’re made, how to taste like an expert and how to pair them with food - who doesn't want to be a beer connoisseur?

Free Beer Sign

Tickets for the beerathon can be found here.


    Feeling lucky? The annual Cheltenham racing event is just around the picket fence, get those wallets at the ready. Whether you fancy Ladies Day, Champion Day or the Gold Cup, you're in for a great day of bets on the finest horses and jockeys & yes copious amounts of beer can and will be consumed. It is said to be the ‘best’, minus the plastic cup. So get ready, set, bet.

    Cheltenham Races

    You can find tickets here. The races take place from the 14th-17th March.

    Now for what to wear... Cheltenham doesn't have a dress code as such but don’t be a sheep and get lost in a crowd of boring suits. This Single Breasted Grey Wool Waistcoat is just the winning ticket. Add a patterned pocket square, like the Peacock Paisley. 

    Waistcoat and pocket square

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