How to drink through December

 We’ve already covered what you should and shouldn’t be wearing through the festive season. (Do: Opt for a velvet Nehru Jacket and silk pocket square. Don’t: Ring in Yuletide with a novelty jumper.) But, perhaps more important, is what you should and shouldn’t drink.

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The office party is an excuse to let loose with colleagues, enjoy a few drinks on the boss, and bond over your shared sore heads the morning after. But when you factor in the myriad of other festive functions – wine and cheese with friends, Friday night drinks with clients, and the annual Christmas Eve pub crawl – you might find yourself struggling to get through the big day itself when it finally rolls around.

But by taking a little care over what you consume, the December drink-athon suddenly becomes much less daunting. We spoke to Zack Charilaou, restaurant director and wine buyer at M Restaurants, for some tips on how to make it through the month unscathed.

“The best way to drink intelligently over Christmas is to spend more than you normally would per bottle," he said. Upgrade and swap quality over quantity and you might find that the added expense will make you drink a little less. Better quality wine will also give you less of a hangover. If you’re a beer fan, don’t mix the grape and the grain. Stick to one, this will reduce your hangover significantly!

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“They say ‘eating is cheating’, but make sure you eat an extra mince pie or leftover turkey sandwich when you open a new bottle. A full stomach at this time of year shouldn’t be too difficult and will help soak up the alcohol and reduce your hangover.”

Of course, the best way of preventing a hangover is to drink in moderation. Alternating a glass of water in between drinks can help to slow you down and keep you hydrated.

When it comes to spirits, Zack recommends: “The stylish man should be drinking Hennessy – preferably XO level or above. Brandy certainly brings out the spirit of Christmas and will always wow your guests at the dinner or after dinner table. Or if you really want to pull out the trump card - an Argentine Bonarda is a secret steal - a big heavy warming red wine with lots of Christmassy spicy flavours.”

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