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Why we owe it all to tradition. 

Patterned linen waistcoat

The waistcoat is the ultimate attire in providing an air of sophistication with a nod to nostalgia; possessing the versatility to be the vocal point of any outfit, anywhere, for any occasion.
Long enough at the front to cover a man’s waist, with no dress shirt showing between the belt and waistcoat, and with the sides and back cut a little higher to accentuate the silhouette; the fundamentals of the ideal waistcoat are second nature to us here at Sir Plus. 
But there is one, universal waistcoat secret that every man follows, almost unwittingly; leaving the last button of the waistcoat undone. 

Patterned linen waistcoat

The reason is conceivably up to your own interpretation, as there are, in fact, four possible answers that are equally adept in explaining the conception of this sartorial quirk.  

 The first of which, reveals that Edward VII, the Royal Prince of Wales at the time, was somewhat too rotund to fasten his bottom button; and so court followed suit to appease his public image and his more personal body image.

 Secondly, of a pre-existing age where hipsters were then called ‘dandies’, a combination of wearing two waistcoats at the same time was a signature style. The upper waistcoat, often the more elaborate, always had the bottom button undone so the lower layered waistcoat was suitably showcased.

 The third thought is all to do with comfort. While riding in the saddle and to stop the waistcoat rising up the chest, many of the gentry left the bottom button as a way of feeling comfortable and exuding a bespoke, superior style.   

Patterned linen waistcoat

Finally, the “Eton” theory- one which is supported most vehemently- lays an affectation to the members of Pop, the oldest self-electing Society in Eton, who adopted the unbuttoned attire to accentuate their high class heritage. Latterly spotted and adopted by Saville Row, as many of the Pop parade tended to grow up to be good customers, the trend was grown amongst one of the premier couture streets in the world, contributing to its emergence in modern tailoring today.   

Whatever your sartorial beliefs induce; be it comfort, tradition, elitism or conformity, the unbuttoned rule is always seen but never heard.

Respect your elders, respect your style; leave the bottom button free.

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