Size Guide

Men's Nehru Waistcoats:    







Men's Nehru Jackets and Men's Austrian Hunting Jacket:

Men's Double and Single Breasted Waistcoats: 

These have adjustable backs so you can buy them online with confidence that they will fit. The standard waistcoat measurement is your chest size. If you are between sizes, choose a larger size - the buckle at the back can make the garment smaller. There may be a small variance of approximately 1cm in the width and length of the garment, a result of tiny variations in the fabric and the process of making them by hand.


Knitwear (Unisex): 

 These apply to all jumpers and cardigans.


Men's Dressing Gowns:

Women's Dressing Gowns: 


Men's Boxers:  


Women's Boxer Shorts: 





Length: Approximately 1.5m
Widths available: 14.5cm and 22cm


Length: Approximately 1m
Width (widest part): 13.5cm

Pocket Squares

Approximately a 35cm square

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