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Sir Plus crafts exceptional menswear using the finest quality surplus and sustainable fabrics. The majority of our garments are made in the UK, unless we find good reason to venture abroad.

By working with industry-leading factories and mills we’re able to source high-calibre materials. Our Single and Double Breasted Waistcoats are cut from Italian wool, our knitwear made from 100% British wool, and our dressing gowns and boxers sprung from Liberty London print cotton. New products are added seasonally, evolving organically from the things we do best. This season, for example, brings the new Nehru Coat, with the same Mandarin collar as our best-selling jackets and Grandad Shirts. There are also new jumpers, gilets, t-shirts and accessories.

“We make great quality, long lasting items, not fast fashion.” – Henry Hales, founder.

Quality boxer shorts are the cornerstone of proper attire, so it’s fitting that they’re also the foundation of our brand. In 2010, Henry stumbled upon the novel idea of using shirting cut-offs to make undergarments, and set about sourcing high-quality surplus from shirt-makers in London. Doors were knocked (and sometimes slammed), fabric was sold, patterns were cut. A name was settled upon (a clever play on words, we think), and a stall was taken to Spitalfields Market in east London.

Like all the best things, business started off slow. But as word of mouth spread, things picked up, especially after we moved to Portobello Market in 2011. The collection expanded, first to include waistcoats, then the Nehru Jacket – which remains our signature style. We now offer a full range of contemporary casual and formal wear, still made using surplus where ever possible.

In November, we opened our first-ever permanent store at 306 Portobello Road. We’re open Monday to Saturday 10am until 6pm and on Sunday 11am - 5pm. On Saturdays you can also find us on Portobello Market, just in front of the store.

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