SIRPLUS is based on a simple idea: that throwing away fabric that isn't wanted or isn't cool anymore isn' anymore.

Every high street fashion brand has a story about how eco-friendly their clothes are. But for us, it's at the core of our being.

Our origin was kind of simple to start with. Henry, our founder, discovered that London's shirt-makers often end up with a surplus of fabric after they've made all the garments that they think will sell. Up to that point, that fabric was usually just thrown away, considered no longer sellable or useful.

So, SIRPLUS was born. 

We started life in Spitalfields Market with an armful of boxers and a fistful of dreams. Eventually we wound our way westward to Portobello Market, our stall becoming a regular fixture outside No.306A.  

Years pass, boxer shorts are sold and Henry has new ideas. From upcycled underwear to formal waistcoats, naturally. Made from surplus and fitted in Henry's front room (a spacious east London studio is still a few years away at this point), they quickly grow in popularity. The Nehru follows soon after, kick-starting our signature collarless calling. We perfect a very British take on very Parisian workwear - the chore jacket joins the SIRPLUS family. Closely followed by a playful selection of printed Cuban shirts. Design meetings may grow in size, but Henry keeps SIRPLUS firmly rooted in surplus fabrics.