About Us

Sir Plus makes exceptional quality British clothing, right here in England, using surplus fabric (cabbage).

What's "cabbage" I hear you ask?

Well, in the industry, it’s the term used to describe fabric that’s left over after an order has been made up.

We have formed contacts with many of the major factories and fabric dealers from England to Italy. This gives us access to the finest quality fabrics; in an extensive variety of prints and styles.

We started using excess shirting to make boxers and have now expanded the range to include waistcoats, dressing gowns, Nehru waistcoats and jackets, scarves, pocket squares and jumpers. The collections keep evolving and more products are on their way, watch this space!

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Alternatively, come visit our rollin' stall on Portobello Road or Earlham Street (Covent Garden) every Saturday. We also have Sir Plus HQ - our studio/store - open every day 9am-6pm in Bethnal Green. If you'd like to visit for coffee and clothes please give us a quick call so we can make sure the specific product is ready for you.


Team Sir Plus

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