Pocket Squares

Our luxurious pocket squares are the finest addition to a lonely pocket. At Sir Plus, we strive to maintain standards of beauty and high quality to create the perfect pocket squares. Our pocket squares are crafted using the highest quality of liberty cottons, Italian silks, and cotton poplins.


At Sir Plus, we have a deserved, hard-earned reputation for British-made elegance and style. We craft our menswear range of true distinction by sourcing the finest materials that are "surplus" to the efforts of the very best in menswear but which, with our innovation and imagination, can become pieces that grace any occasion and call wardrobes of sophistication and style home. Our name reflects both the high status and standing to which we aspire with our endeavours and our resourcefulness in turning surplus materials into garments of real excellence to be worn and savoured. 

In 14th century France, pocket squares, then known as handkerchiefs, were considered items of great beauty and as a sign of wealth.

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