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It costs, on average, £230,000 to raise a child. £230,000! That’s more than the average house UK price, enough to travel the world ten times over or – if you’re partial – to buy a supercharged sports car. Of course, you can’t put a price on the joys of parenthood, but it’s certainly food for thought with Father’s Day just around the corner. June 17th is your big chance to show the man who raised you just what he means – meaning the gift you buy has a lot of weight to carry, Many find it a tricky one – it’s the classic “what do you buy for the man who has everything” dilemma, with an added layer of “I’ll never hear the end of this if I get it wrong”. To help, we’ve hand-picked some sure-to-please presents for every type of father.


The Adventurer

Cashmere socks

Do you remember your first family holiday? If you grew up with The Adventurer, chances are you do. We’re talking about the type of dad who’ll drive for hours into the deepest, darkest forest for a spot of camping, armed with little more with a head torch, a Swiss knife and his bewildered offspring. If this sounds familiar, your best bet is something he can wear for his summer travels: lightweight and durable pieces as fitting for a weekend exploring Bruges as they are for hiking up Ben Nevis. Go for a Linen Grandad Shirt, a pair of sturdy Chino Trousers and some thick woollen socks to line his walking boots. Or – if you’re feeling brave enough – pack up the car and accompany him for a weekend’s rambling.


The Trend-Setter CUBAN SHIRT

One of 2018's more unexpected turns is the rise of dad-dressing as a bonafide fashion fad. Some of this year’s biggest trends seem to have been taken straight from your dad’s wardrobe circa 1975: think clunky running trainers, bootcut jeans and garishly-printed shirts. For a certain breed of father, the news that his old favourites are once again cool is the greatest gift you could give him (in second place: finally allowing him to play his record collection to you and your friends). Teach him how to update his style with a Cuban Shirt, preferably in bold Hawaiian print, ideal for a Father’s Day trip to the pub.


The Earned His Rest-er

Pyjama SetUnless you’re particularly well-behaved, it’s likely that you caused your parents a few sleepless night over the first 20 or so years of your life (if not to this day). So it’s really no wonder that when left with an empty nest, many turn into creatures of comfort, picking up sedentary hobbies such as gardening or chess. Indulge his leisurely side with luxury loungewear pieces such as cotton pyjamas or a Liberty London print dressing gown. Better still, offer to pick up some chores around the house and let him put his feet up.

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