• Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the grandad shirt

    Within our design process, we love a back story. The history of a garment inspires us in our journey to reinvent it for the modern man. The grandad shirt’s history is not the easiest to pin down, however, with a number of different stories surrounding its origin - making this style all the more ... View Post
  • The Cuban Edit

    A garden party, business meeting or some festival flare - how can one shirt have so many places it feels at home? The Cuban collar is one of the most versatile shirts going. Thanks to its rich cultural history, making it the perfect investment piece for classic style.     While we are most... View Post
  • The Stone Twill Chore Jacket

    This season at SIRPLUS, we have taken a new angle with a range of different concepts for our new collection. We have indulged in some bold print choices and followed the colour trends surrounding nature - focusing on earthy, botanical and neutral tones. We enter this new season with a fresh persp... View Post
  • Durable outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles

    400 million plastic bottles are discarded each year. On average, it takes approximately 450 years for just one bottle to breakdown and decompose. To send these plastic bottles to landfill is only increasing the level of pollution which is now emerging as a global crisis. As a business, we are foc... View Post
  • Henry's Picks

    Here at SIRPLUS, we’ve long held the belief that it is better to give than receive. It’s a philosophy that serves us well year round, but it’s not without its challenges. Too many people to buy for and not nearly enough time, is a common refrain we hear. Fortunately, Team SIRPLUS is on hand to as... View Post

    If you’re remotely interested in maintaining your personal style, you’ll understand the importance of giving your wardrobe a bit of a refresher each time a new season rolls around. Before you cut and run, this doesn’t mean that you have to drop every last penny of your paycheck, nor does it mean ... View Post
  • Everything you need to know about the Nehru jacket

    Whether you’ve heard of it or had no idea that it even existed, here is your definitive guide to the Nehru jacket. In recent months, menswear has had a makeunder, meaning that we’re increasingly less likely to have to follow a set of somewhat old fashioned rules when it comes to choosing how to d... View Post
  • Three Winter Trends Worth Trying

    Looking to up your style game this winter? Start with three of the season’s most important trends.   The world of fashion can be a tricky one to navigate, especially at the rate at which trends come and go. With that in mind, we’re breaking down three of winter’s most important trends and ex... View Post