• The Stone Twill Chore Jacket

    This season at SIRPLUS, we have taken a new angle with a range of different concepts for our new collection. We have indulged in some bold print choices and followed the colour trends surrounding nature - focusing on earthy, botanical and neutral tones. We enter this new season with a fresh persp... View Post
  • Durable outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles

    400 million plastic bottles are discarded each year. On average, it takes approximately 450 years for just one bottle to breakdown and decompose. To send these plastic bottles to landfill is only increasing the level of pollution which is now emerging as a global crisis. As a business, we are foc... View Post
  • Henry's Picks

    Here at SIRPLUS, we’ve long held the belief that it is better to give than receive. It’s a philosophy that serves us well year round, but it’s not without its challenges. Too many people to buy for and not nearly enough time, is a common refrain we hear. Fortunately, Team SIRPLUS is on hand to as... View Post
  • A Cuban Shirt Summer

      As the weather is heating up this week make sure to grab your favorite Cuban Shirt made of 100% cotton to keep you cool and comfortable.       The limited-edition Cuban Shirts come in fun tropical prints such as the Green Liberty Palm and the Blue Liberty Jungle Cuban. Want something more simp... View Post
  • Taking the chore out of dressing

      We want to introduce the classic French chore jacket, which we have updated this season with hard-wearing fabrics - surplus denim, hemp and linen cloth.   Available in summertime hues of blue denim, tan, rust, olive and trusty navy. C'est combien? Jackets start from £195. Pair with a staple t... View Post
  • Sir Plus x Rose Electra Harris: Meet the artist

    As the second instalment of our collaboration with Rose Electra Harris lands, we revisit our conversation with the artist in her south London studio. There’s no mistaking a Rose Electra Harris. The London-based artist is fast carving a name for herself through her bright, colourful dreamscapes. ... View Post
  • Sir Plus is dead, long live SIRPLUS

    A brand’s logo is its calling card. Its coat of arms. A way of telling people, “this is what we’re about”, in a black and white jpeg. Our original logo – consigned to the archives in 2015 – used a cabbage to tell our story (cabbage = surplus, in the textiles industry). As for the top hat – well, ... View Post
  • Britain is in the midst of a crisis. Our ciders are warm! Our ice lollies are melting! There’s a shortage of barbecue coals across the nation! We’re currently in (what feels like) week 23 of the summer heatwave, a difficult time for a nation that loves nothing more than complaining about meteor... View Post