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  • Sir Plus x Rose Electra Harris: Meet the artist

    As the second instalment of our collaboration with Rose Electra Harris lands, we revisit our conversation with the artist in her south London studio. There’s no mistaking a Rose Electra Harris. The London-based artist is fast carving a name for herself through her bright, colourful dreamscapes. ... View Post
  • Britain is in the midst of a crisis. Our ciders are warm! Our ice lollies are melting! There’s a shortage of barbecue coals across the nation! We’re currently in (what feels like) week 23 of the summer heatwave, a difficult time for a nation that loves nothing more than complaining about meteor... View Post
  • Ahead of tonight’s semi-final against Croatia, we decode the England boss’ winning waistcoats. England is on the cusp of pulling off the unthinkable – making it through to a World Cup final. Against all odds, it looks like football is actually coming home. Being firm believers in the power o... View Post
  • What to wear to Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and more. The thing about the Great British Summer being so lacklustre weather-wise is that we feel the need to overcompensate with sports. Yes the skies may be grey and drizzly, but who needs sun when you have high-octane racing and heart-in-throat grand ... View Post
  • For something that signals the start of a good time, holiday packing can be a drag. What goes in? What stays at home? Do I really need three pairs of shoes for a weekend away? (Yes) I can still get away with this, can’t I? (If you have to ask, the answer is always no.) And that's before you fac... View Post
  • How to choose a waistcoat for a wedding, whether you're the groom, usher or guest. On reaching adulthood, you face a stark set of truths. Money doesn’t grow on trees, professional football isn’t a viable career option, your siblings aren’t that bad after all. The most surprising revelation... View Post
  • Three of the best from the films of the 90s. The Cuban shirt is the comeback kid of menswear, having being around for some 300 years. Originating from – you guessed it – 18th century Cuba, it was first worn by workers labouring under the hot Havana sun. The Guayabera, to give its original name,... View Post
  • It’s not often that we talk about Puff Daddy at Sir Plus HQ. But while researching the history of the Mandarin Jacket, we were surprised to find that it's been reinvented and rebranded countless times over the years – not unlike the artist formerly known as Sean Combs. Depending on where you’re... View Post