• Store re-opening - COVID update

    We are excited to open our doors for you again. Portobello - 306A Portobello Road Islington - 49 Camden Passage Marylebone - 85 Marylebone High Street King's Road - 178A King's Road Opening hours will be as follows: Monday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM Sunday, 11AM-5PM Please note: Princes Ar... View Post
  • A Message from Henry

    A Message from Henry from Sir Plus on Vimeo. View Post
  • Durable outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles

    400 million plastic bottles are discarded each year. On average, it takes approximately 450 years for just one bottle to breakdown and decompose. To send these plastic bottles to landfill is only increasing the level of pollution which is now emerging as a global crisis. As a business, we are foc... View Post
  • SolarAid

    Founded in 2006, international charity SolarAid combats both poverty and climate change by providing solar lights in Malawi and Zambia.   598 million people in Africa alone have no access to electricity. This leaves millions to rely on dangerous alternatives to be able to study, work or simply so... View Post
  • A Cuban Shirt Summer

      As the weather is heating up this week make sure to grab your favorite Cuban Shirt made of 100% cotton to keep you cool and comfortable.       The limited-edition Cuban Shirts come in fun tropical prints such as the Green Liberty Palm and the Blue Liberty Jungle Cuban. Want something more simp... View Post
  • On a bright, clear day in a quiet corner of south-east London, Sir Plus met with furniture designer Daniel Schofield. We sit in Daniel’s studio – a suitably modest, brightly-lit space in a former factory building. His walls are lined with sketches, self-designed mirrors, prototypes of light fixt... View Post
  • It costs, on average, £230,000 to raise a child. £230,000! That’s more than the average house UK price, enough to travel the world ten times over or – if you’re partial – to buy a supercharged sports car. Of course, you can’t put a price on the joys of parenthood, but it’s certainly food for th... View Post
  • What to wear to Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and more. The thing about the Great British Summer being so lacklustre weather-wise is that we feel the need to overcompensate with sports. Yes the skies may be grey and drizzly, but who needs sun when you have high-octane racing and heart-in-throat grand ... View Post