• On a bright, clear day in a quiet corner of south-east London, Sir Plus met with furniture designer Daniel Schofield. We sit in Daniel’s studio – a suitably modest, brightly-lit space in a former factory building. His walls are lined with sketches, self-designed mirrors, prototypes of light fixt... View Post
  • It costs, on average, £230,000 to raise a child. £230,000! That’s more than the average house UK price, enough to travel the world ten times over or – if you’re partial – to buy a supercharged sports car. Of course, you can’t put a price on the joys of parenthood, but it’s certainly food for th... View Post
  • What to wear to Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and more. The thing about the Great British Summer being so lacklustre weather-wise is that we feel the need to overcompensate with sports. Yes the skies may be grey and drizzly, but who needs sun when you have high-octane racing and heart-in-throat grand ... View Post
  • Photographs courtesy of Katrinfilm Stephen Edwards is as Notting Hill as they come. Living and working just a stone’s throw away from our Portobello Road store, he’s a man whose style and sound have been shaped by his surroundings and the glory days of London's club scene. “I come from a dance... View Post
  • How many coffees have you had so far today? The average person gets through two a day, though some admit to six or more. Britain is evolving from a national of tea-lovers to an army of espresso aficionados, with 95 million cups of Joe consumed every day. Most of those are drunk at home or at wo... View Post
  • The most romantic day of the year poses a unique set of conundrums. Ignoring matters of taste and budget, the gift you buy and the date you plan carry an unspoken message, so it’s important to get it right. Too grand and you might scare off a potential new love. Too subtle and they could miss th... View Post
  • Valentine’s Day gets a bad rep around some parts. While some relish the romance, others take offence at the inevitability of it all. Flowers, a card, dinner… sure, romance isn’t dead, but imagination? It doesn’t have to be this way, and indeed it wasn’t always the case. While Valentine’s Day is ... View Post
  • Five things we’re excited for in 2018

    New Year’s Day hangover aside, there’s a lot to look forward to.       2017: the year of Article 50, Prince Harry’s engagement and Sir Plus’s first-ever store! All things that will be remembered in years to come, and that will continue to shape the agenda in 2018, we’re sure. For now, we’ll leav... View Post