Suitably Sharp - 4 Lessons In Classic Style From Christoph Waltz

He's one of the sharpest men in film - and that’s just his characters.  After 35 years in European Theatre, Christoph waltzed into Hollywood, bringing poise and panache to some of the world's most chilling villains. His chance audition saved a film Tarantino was planning to halt  - winning it, and him, countless awards. Always cool and always collected, his wry presence has made waves on screen. It's these old-world tendencies that are a fresh touch in his fashion too. Here are 4 notions on dressing that we can garner from a no-nonsense style icon.


Paola Kudacki for TIME

Credit: Paola Kudacki for TIME

Everyday Tailoring

The smartest of casual dressers, Waltz offers a new perspective on blending smart-casual. Off-screen, he incorporates structure effortlessly into his day to day wear. Adding something tailored to most everyday looks. Most often, this is achieved with a jacket.


But rather than stuffy or stiff outerwear, he often opts for something more utilitarian. Fuss-free European style comes in the form of a Chore Jacket. Reworked for a more comfortable fit, the Navy Chore Jacket emits pared-down practicality. Strong lines with a Parisian softness, it evokes the easier side to tailored looks. Dynamic, durable and just a tad debonair. If Waltz was a cocktail...


Professorial Chic

Accumulated years don't mean out of style yarns. As 63-year-old Waltz shows, wearing your considerable knowledge on your sleeves is a sure-fire way to a winning wardrobe. His scholarly and authentic approach to pattern and texture show he's full of quick wit and quirk.

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There's no need to go full Indiana Jones teaching mode here. Just a hint is needed, one that stays firmly out of Hollywood and right into the essential every day.  Christoph takes these tropes and riffs on them - using the inspiration for sport.


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How? By playing with a textural element: a corduroy jacket, but not a full suit. A hint of tweed, but not the matching set - and forget the elbow patches! 


  Dark Forest Cord Chore


Achieving this means playing with rich fabrics. Try our Dark Forest Cord Chore or a Velvet Nehru Jacket as a bold top layer. Our Nehru waistcoats also have similar scope for playful pairings. The Navy & Brown Nehru Waistcoat is an Italian surplus wool-cashmere blend, with a contrasting collar for edge. A hint of academia, that reflects a little of your well-honed school of thought.


Accessories Maketh The Man

Whether it's sporting longer locks, the perfect moustache or a louche scarf - Waltz shows that there's always room for adding one final touch. The signature to your signature look? It comes down to personality. Staying sharp is a given, but flair is what makes every look unique.


GQ, Matt Martin 


A quality scarf says so much, the way it's flung over the shoulder of a man carrying an award says even more. For a similar final flourish, try the Brown Herringbone Cashmere Scarf. Made in Italy using recycled cashmere that’s just as soft as virgin wool and kinder to the environment. Woven with a brown herringbone pattern and finished with fringing at both ends, it makes the perfect partner to spice up a suit. 


Brown Herringbone Cashmere Scarf.


Never underestimate a Nehru

Waltz has brought a new breed of sharpness to the concept of the silver fox. He lets details speak for themselves. Whether it's a minute facial expression or a minimalist wardrobe choice, none more so than Bond villain extraordinaire Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

While his actions may be despicable, no one can deny that his style is razor-sharp. Jany Temime, Spectre's illustrious costume designer, had exactly this in mind. "He is such a powerful villain, he does not need unnecessary details..." she says. Clean lines, strong collars and cool fabrics all come together to pack a very clean punch.




Understatement speaks volumes here, which is why the Nehru collar is a natural choice. For a similarly sophisticated look, try the Indigo Cashmere Nehru Jacket. Made in England from soft, subtly textured cashmere. A beautiful surplus fabric sourced in Italy, lending it the touch of European charm it needs. 


Indigo Cashmere Nehru Jacket.


Or for something on the lighter side, try the Navy Linen Nehru Jacket. A crisp linen-cotton blend that's less prone to wrinkling than traditional linens, so it stays as sharp as you are.




To finish the look, pair with a Grandad shirt. Copy Christoph and double down on dark shades for a smooth palette. Our Navy Cotton Linen Grandad Shirt is a highly-sustainable blend of organic cotton, recycled cotton and linen. The deep hue suits the desired effect - a crisp finish that softens with wear. Or play with a White Grandad Shirt, to place the focus squarely on that clean collarless line.


The final flourish? A slip-on shoe and no socks. Whilst also adding to the clean lines of the look, crucially it's a look that works with the climate. Or as Waltz puts it in characteristic steely fashion: “Have you ever worn socks in the desert? It’s kind of hot..."


Follow Waltz’s style lessons and you will come out on top, unlike most of the villains he plays. Just promise us you'll keep it to the clothes, not the covert behaviour of his characters…

Olivia Foan 

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