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Sir Plus With Love

Model in one of our Charcoal Herringbone Nerhu Waistcoat

Here’s how to do Valentine’s Day the right way.

Disclaimer: We don’t claim to be love gurus but we put our heads together in the office and came up with some handy tips to get the girl.

What to wear on date night?

This is very dependant on location of the date whether it’s a meal, a flick or a bar. The key is to try hard but look like you haven’t, easy eh.

So, a white shirt is staple for most affairs, we say pick a grandad collar (but we would say that) and pair with some dark trousers or your favourite indigo jeans. For the jacket, a navy or black Nehru jacket could be just the ticket – go herringbone or velvet if you’ve booked a nice restaurant with some ambiance (as Mickey Flanagan would say) and of course don't leave your pocket lonely, add a printed pocket square.

Black Velvet Nehru Jacket 

Then shoes, some girls look at shoes before anything else so ensure those babies are either clean or polished.

Lastly, don’t forget to groom – wash your barnet, have a shave (unless she’s a beard lady) and always wear aftershave, never underestimate a good scent!

What to buy for her?

Some girls are very into the idea of Valentine’s Day and some not so much. Go for the middle ground if unsure, not too mushy cheese on toast, but something that still says you’ve noticed her interests and care. But a heads up, girls are so over the personalised toot, heart shaped chocs and Tesco garage flowers.

If she’s into travelling, why not a scratch map in a nice frame? If she’s into photography or just got ‘bare’ photos of you, why not a mini polaroid camera with a fairy light line to hang in the boudoir. Girls love fairy lights… don’t ask.

Scratch Map

Polaroid with fairy lights

If she’s into a certain band, gig tickets for two? Or the normal go to, lingerie, if you don’t know her size, quick have a peek in her drawers (a line we didn’t think we would ever condone or use) and head over to the likes of Agent Provocateur.

Where to go?

The usual spots are a fancy restaurant ‘with ambiance’, a cocktail bar, speak easy or the cinema to see a flick. Why not something off the cuff?

Trampolining, there are a few that have popped up over London recently. Breakfast at Duck & Waffle, an early start but you get to see the sunrise over some gloriously poached eggs before you both slog off to work.

Breakfast at Duck & Waffle

Breakfast at Duck and Waffle

"How do you like your eggs in the morning?" "Overlooking the skyline Hun"

Or how about a museum late, Leicester Square comedy night, tuck into some share plates of tapas, a cocktail master class or a poetry slam night?

The world's your oyster... Good luck x


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