Sir Plus is dead, long live SIRPLUS

A brand’s logo is its calling card. Its coat of arms. A way of telling people, “this is what we’re about”, in a black and white jpeg. Our original logo – consigned to the archives in 2015 – used a cabbage to tell our story (cabbage = surplus, in the textiles industry). As for the top hat – well, we all make questionable style choices in our youth.

A few years back we decided to clean things up. A simple serif font, contained within two equal lines. Towards the end of 2018 we started thinking about updating things again, as we watched as other brands reinvent theirselves. Serifs are out of fashion, we learned, along with accents, spacing and – it seems – originality.

Sir Plus has never been about reinventing the wheel. We stick to the things we do best, slowly evolving one season at a time. So rather than jumping aboard the Helvetica bandwagon, we decided a simple refinement would do the trick. Wider kerning, no more lines, and no more space between the words Sir and Plus. Sir Plus is dead, long live SIRPLUS.

You’ll notice our new identity across our website and other digital channels from today. But for now, you’ll also see our old logo in stores and in parcels, while we use up existing packaging and labels. We’re fast approaching our 10th anniversary next year, which we’ll mark with exciting new products, collaborations and pop-ups. Here’s to a logo which we hope will carry us through to our 20th.

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