Navy Is All You Need: 5 Classic Style Lessons From Cillian Murphy

Aged 40 and only just hitting his stride, Murphy is the muse of Christopher Nolan, Danny Boyle and a nation's hair choices. He garnered fierce attention as the face of Peaky Blinders. A homegrown TV show that can actually compete in America, a rare feat. But despite all this, the unphased and unfussy actor lives a very uncomplicated life. Choosing beach walks in Dublin over red carpets in L.A - and he's not one for using a stylist. This self-assured nature shows up in his understated fashion choices.


While we may have to wait a while until the next Peaky instalment (thanks a bunch COVID), we don't have to wait for some wardrobe inspiration. 

The stylish everyman, here are four lessons in keeping it simple from Cillian Murphy.


#1 Navy, Navy Everywhere

Not a man who goes for colour trends, Murphy likes to stick to what he knows. It’s “...Well-made things that fit. I’m not adventurous” he told Mr Porter.  What does he know? It's the power of navy. A clean, consciously mature palette that never fails - it's a staple at SIRPLUS. As is the quality of our pieces. Check, and check.  



There are two items every man should own. And these same two pieces Murphy is rarely seen without. 

On top, a Navy Linen Chore is quintessentially Cillian - unfussy, unpretentious and gets the job done. This utility-inspired jacket works as hard as you do, but makes it look easy. With a new relaxed boxy fit. Crafted from a lightweight cotton-linen blend, it's left unlined and is finished with patch pockets and brown corozo buttons. 

Down below, you guessed it, it’s a Navy Linen Casual Trouser. A substantial but lightweight partner, together they are a failsafe modern uniform. These textured cotton-linen blend trousers feature an all-new tapered fit with a notched waistband for additional comfort. Because wearing it should be as easy as pairing it. 



Speaking of pairing, try adding a tried and tested White Organic Cotton T-shirt for the everyday wear. Finishing off the look with a quality ribbed neckline and regular fit. Because well-tailored trumps muscle-tight-tee every day in the world of Cillian. And if you're stepping out somewhere requiring a little something special, try adding a touch of our next lesson...


#2 History In The Making

In Peaky Blinders, Murphy carved out a new niche. Tommy Shelby - the murky antihero with the sharpest wardrobe on TV.  Stephanie Collie was the mind behind the Shelby family look. Choosing a heightened and accessible twist on the historically accurate look - one that anyone can wear. And she's a firm believer that looking to history is what makes a classic wardrobe:

“Fashion always repeats itself. Three-piece suits look good on everyone. High-waisted trousers are the best thing a man can ever wear.”





Of all the Peaky looks, the grandad shirt stands out as a versatile winner. With a rich history and flattering collar, it sits well in any man's wardrobe.  Style yours in crisp white, fully-buttoned, for that signature Cillian look. The one that means business. Paired with your Navy Chore and trouser combo, it creates a refreshing take on suited and booted. 

For a more off-duty  approach, try some heritage stripes.  Or swap in something darker with a few buttons undone for a more casual weekend style. 



#3 Show Your Stripes

Never one for fast fashion, Murphy sticks to the tried and tested. European classic style is never far from view and Murphy has co-opted the striped shirt as his own. Ecru Striped T-shirts are a fashion fail-safe, and a staple in any low key city wear. Whether it's popping out to get a coffee, a press event or getting papped. Murphy shows you can always look ready to take on what the city throws, just take your stripes with you.



Plus you can always add some sophistication with a Navy Jacket add on (have you learned lesson 1 yet?).  You can take this look to the next level and pair your stripes with The Indigo Chore, a match made in heaven. A modern take on the French workwear staple, the bleu de travail, it was born to elevate everyday wear. Murphy shows how adding a simple structure can create an event worthy look in a click of the fingers. Now that's magic.


#4 Military Precision

His turn in war epic Dunkirk showed just how at home Murphy was in military wear. At home in these historical narratives, his affinity with utility is evident off-screen too. No nonsense practical wear that serves a purpose. Being an all-weather friend. It keeps you ready for anything the world has to throw your way. Whether it's traversing a beach walk with the dog or traversing film festival fashion.



Trenches, chores and lace up boots feature in Murphy's military inspired staples. But no practical wardrobe is complete without a good bomber jacket.  Our Moleskin Bomber is a fresh modern remake. Made in England from smooth cotton moleskin that's soft to the touch and cut in a slim fit. It lends an otherwise purely practical look some military edge.


#5 All Hail Herringbone

It isn't just luck of the Irish. Murphy shows how simple it is to bring Herringbone into the 21st-century wardrobe. His Peaky alter-ego sports some pretty impressive 3 piece herringbone numbers, but there's an easier way to incorporate a little old-world legacy into your occasion looks.



Cillian and class go hand in hand. Which is why sporting a Herringbone Jacket is a natural choice for the enigmatic Irishman. Made in England from a green herringbone Shetland wool, this jacket features our signature Mandarin collar. It's effortless evening wear, for the man who needs no-fuss formality. By now you know the rules. Pair it with a Grandad Shirt and Formal Trousers in, yes you guessed it, navy. Top Marks!



A little Herringbone brings Murphy magic to your leisurewear too. A Nehru Waistcoat is a durable and detailed addition to everyday wear. The Midnight number fits perfectly with your new navy theme. Made from soft Shetland wool with a herringbone finish, its works to add evening edge to your White Grandad Shirt. Or fits nicely over your Ecru Stripes for a Sunday morning stroll. Whether it's the rolling Dublin fields or onto the cobbled streets of London. You choose.

These staples are your starting point for a classic wardrobe full of wearable essentials. Nothing going to waste here folks. By order of the Peaky Blinders...



Olivia Foan 

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