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Meet the team: Elliot

Elliot Winter

If you’ve watched our new video Road to Portobello (and if you haven’t, why not?), you may have recognised a familiar-sounding voice.

When searching for voiceover talent, our radius didn’t exactly extend very far. The only man for the job, as far as we were concerned, was one of our very own: Elliot Winter.

If you’ve visited us at Portobello over the past few years, or at our new store in Islington, chances are you’ll have met Elliot. But you may not know that outside of Sir Plus, he’s also an actor and writer with his own theatre company, Hailtothepeople.

“Our very first production was called Poll Function,” Elliot told us. “It was a dark comedy set in a small town where two old friends joy-ride a car, taking revenge on school bullies and the system they grew up with. It was quite hedonistic and psychedelic - there were two characters that were quite inarticulate, they had similar feelings but couldn't find the language to connect.”

Poll Function debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, where the company won best newcomers. After a national tour, they are now developing two very different shows – one about male suicide and depression in Hacienda-era Manchester, the other a western dealing with isolationism. Both are in the very early stages and before either makes it to the stage, Elliot will appear in Laundry, a new show at The Space in Isle of Dogs.

“It’s part scripted and part devised,” he explained, “telling the story of a group of women who are forced to bear their shame over a communal washing line. I play a character called Cook, he went to school with some of the girls on the street, left as a salesman and comes back to the area to open up a jazz club. He tries to do good but doesn’t always get it right.”

Elliot Winter

Outside of his acting and writing work, Elliot is also exploring music with two friends from his native Bristol. One of their first tracks, The Price of Sugar, soundtracks our film.

“We built that track around a bassline, it’s got this driving energy to it. It enters this dream-like world, there’s lots of repetition and reverb. We play with textures a lot, using analogue synths and reverse guitars, creating this sort of melancholic feel. The idea is that you start in once place and end somewhere else entirely.”

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