Liberty Fabrics: A Brief History

Add a touch of colour to your closet with our garments made out of Liberty fabric. 

Liberty fabric was founded 140 years ago by Arthur Liberty, who launched his own business, selling silks imported from China and Japan, as well as cottons and fine wools from India, that would then be dyed and hand-printed in England, but it was in 1904 that Liberty took over print works that specialised in block-printing silks. ‘Liberty’s have people working for them all over the Oriental world,’ a journalist wrote at the time the store was opened in 1875. 

Blue Liberty Jungle Cuban Shirt, SIRPLUS 2019. 

There had been design collaborations with Vivienne Westwood, Nike, Barbour and William Morris, which designed a Strawberry Thief fabric, a pattern inspired by the fruit-stealing thrushes in the kitchen garden of his country home. Liberty would prove both advocate and beneficiary of the Art Nouveau movement, natural forms that are easily translated into fabric. In 1920, the company began to produce miniature floral and abstract prints, that became known as “Liberty Prints”, which we use for our boxers, dressing gowns, cuban shirts and other garments. By the late 1930 became so popular that a wholesale company, Liberty of London Prints, was formed to take advantage of the growing demand.

Green Liberty Palm Cuban Shirt, SIRPLUS 2019

Tana Lawn is a fabric suited for printing multicoloured, all-over designs, it has a similar feel to silk, a fluid hand-feel, colour saturation and hypoallergenic properties. This fabric was so named because the cotton from which it was made originated in the area near Tana Lake in Sudan. We use this fabric because the cotton is soft yet durable, it can either warm you up or cool you down and it’s machine washable. Our Cuban shirts are perfect for the summer, the fabric is light and soft, but most importantly the prints are inspired by the famous William Morris tapestries, which are recognizable by it’s colour and drawings. Some of our boxers are made out of liberty fabrics, such as Perreira print , Rankin print or tiger print, different colours and prints for everyone.

Liberty Fabrics: A brief history Blue Liberty Dog Print Boxers, SIRPLUS 2019.


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