In need of proper layering?

Sir Plus Duck Jacket

Winter has struck a chill at the Sir Plus studio, leaving us in desperate need of proper layering. It goes without saying that the aim of the game is warmth, but it’s not always as simple as throwing on whatever garments are first to hand. Careful consideration must also be made to colour, texture and, of course, comfort. Fortunately, we’ve got an abundance of weather-proof jackets and knitwear to play with.



The Base

Sir Plus T-Shirt

Should I wear a t-shirt under my shirt? A simple question, but one that seems to divide men across the globe. While there are arguments for and against, when temperatures drop our answer is an emphatic yes. Start your layering with an organic cotton Raglan T-Shirt: warm, insulating and soft to the skin. Opt for white or grey, so that it doesn’t show up underneath your outfit.

The Knit

Sir Plus Men's Knitwear

A good jumper is indispensable come winter, mainly due to the insulating qualities of wool (see: The Sir Plus Guide to Knitwear). Knitwear can also be an opportunity to liven up your ensemble with colour and texture. The Loden Green Fisherman Crew does both, and is knitted from thick 100% British wool. For a smarter look, the Crew Neck Jumper is a wardrobe staple ideal for throwing on underneath a jacket, or for teaming with formal wear.


The Jacket

Sir Plus Duck Jacket
The Duck Jacket is a hardy, workwear-inspired piece with a water-repellent cotton outer and a surplus wool inner, generously cut with enough room for jumpers, t-shirts, gilets (we’ll get to that later) and even other jackets. To cap it all off, you’ll find four front pockets finished with real horn buttons, corduroy on the collar and cuffs, and moleskin inside of the side-entry pockets.

The Shirt

Sir Plus men's shirts

On most days, you could get away with a jacket, jumper and a decent base layer. For times when you want to look a little smarter, try adding a Grandad Shirt into the mix. We decided to forgo the traditional collar on our shirts because we like the look, but we’ve found that the short Mandarin collar means there’s less bulk to contend with when you’re wearing three or four layers.


The Gilet

Sir Plus Gilet

The ultimate winter layering piece. Our Gilets are 100% wool, with their own quilted cotton lining. Being sleeveless, they add warmth without bulk when slipped underneath a jacket, but are also thick enough to act as outerwear in their own right. On such occasions, you’ll find the two large front pockets useful for storing keys, wallets, or simply for keeping your hands warm.


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