With the end of November comes an onslaught of office Christmas parties,
mid-week hangovers, and for all too many, questionable outfit choices.


Along with kissing a co-worker and challenging your boss to a dance-off, going all out with novelty patterns and gaudy fabrics is one of the cardinal sins of the season. So, in the spirit of giving, we’ve rounded up some of the most common party pitfalls and explained how you can avoid them.



While we appreciate the dazzling allure of sequins, we’re not quite sure why anybody would choose to look like a mirrorball. For a decent dose of texture, why not opt instead for luxurious, eye-catching velvet, which you’ll find in our updated Nehru Jackets. To keep your look more polished than playboy, stick to dark tones such as burgundy, ivy green or black.

How you’ll wear yours depends on the dress code. With black formal trousers and a silk pocket square, velvet is good enough for black tie; while a white Grandad Shirt compliments the Mandarin collar perfectly on less formal occasions. To go from afternoon meetings to evening drinks, the workwear-inspired Utility Blazer (above) is a robust alternative.



There’s no escaping the original Christmas-wear crime – the festive jumper, commonly spun from cheap polyester and festooned with baubles, trees or reindeers. A smarter alternative is to opt for knitwear in a Christmassy hue, such as our Crew Neck Jumper in plum purple, or our Fisherman Crew in rich loden green. Both are made from 100% wool, and won’t be consigned to the back of your wardrobe once the season is over. Pair yours with a White Paisley Overhead Grandad Shirt for occasions where pattern is essential.



Not even formal wear is immune from garish Christmas motifs, it seems, with a growing number of men opting for the novelty jumper’s bigger, uglier brother: the novelty patterned suit. If lively tailoring is what you’re after, consider one of our Single or Double-Breasted Waistcoats for a subtle flash of colour under your suit. The range spans from pale pink to bold azure blue, with selected styles featuring a William Morris print on the reverse. 



We’re quite confident that mistletoe boxers have never won any man a kiss at the office party. In truth, it’s best to keep your underwear firmly under wraps during any work event, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a pair of suitably jolly boxer shorts to complete your party attire. Ours come in Liberty London prints, with a stretch waistband and gusset to ensure you have enough room to throw any shapes you might desire. Compliment yours with luxury socks in cashmere, wool or cotton.

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