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Here at SIRPLUS, we’ve long held the belief that it is better to give than receive. It’s a philosophy that serves us well year round, but it’s not without its challenges. Too many people to buy for and not nearly enough time, is a common refrain we hear. Fortunately, Team SIRPLUS is on hand to assist. Whether you buy online and have delivered to your door, or visit one of our London stores, we have a number of great products that you’ll love to give away.

If you’re looking for inspiration to go with your generous nature, we asked SIRPLUS head honcho Henry for his pick of his favourite items from this season:

Bomber jacket - I really like our take on the bomber jacket. The best bomber jackets are defined by their fit and we worked hard to give this a modern, smart fit that really elevates the look. And who doesn’t look cool in a bomber jacket?!



Fish pyjamas - these are great fun. Liberty isn’t as well known for its fish prints, so when we saw this shoal design, we knew we had to use it to make some pyjamas. I think pyjamas have undeservedly fallen out of favour in recent times, but I’m on a mission to make them popular once again. Just look how comfortable these ones are!



Navy cashmere shirt - I often wear a shirt under one of our jumpers, so a cashmere shirt is the best of both worlds. It’s soft to the touch and warm without requiring as many layers. Machine washable too, so very easy to look after. 




Olive green chore nehru - Nehru jackets have been very popular for us at SIRPLUS and chore jackets are a classic, so combining the two was an easy decision. We made this one from a hard wearing cotton that will make it a favourite for years to come.


Cashmere Nehru Cardigan - how do you do something new with our popular Nehru jackets? You make it from cashmere and turn it into a cardigan. This is the cosiest piece of knitwear I’ve seen in a while and has been very popular this season.



If you’d rather dive head first into a wealth of giftable goods, you can find the full SIRPLUS Gift Guide right here.

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