Gareth Southgate waistcoat article

It's coming home, and it'll be looking sharp. Ahead of tomorrow's World Cup semi-final, we've made Gareth Southgate the offer of a lifetime.

"Southgate has been offered a lifetime’s supply of waistcoats if England make it to the World Cup final. The England boss has become an unlikely style icon thanks to his new touchline uniform of a waistcoat, shirt and striped tie – part of Marks & Spencer’s official three-piece suit designed for the tournament with the Football Association.

"The navy waistcoat has won a legion of fans and become the subject of countless memes. With England set to go up against Croatia in tomorrow's semi-final, cult London brand Sir Plus has offered to reward Southgate with unlimited waistcoats if England bring it home.

"Henry Hales, the brand’s founder, said: 'I’m so impressed with Southgate’s performance, and with his choice of attire. If we make it through to the finals, the waistcoats are on us. Hopefully we’ll be seeing him in our Portobello Road store very soon.'"

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