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How to lounge in style

 Men's Dressing Gown


Raise your glasses (of water), we’re officially half-way through Dry January. The uphill struggle is over, and it’s all smooth sailing from here on in. Right? Well, let’s leave the existential crises for another day and instead focus on the positives of the challenge. Those of you who are abstaining will no doubt noticed a few changes: more energy, a slimmer waistband, a clearer complexion perhaps. And almost certainly, more time and money on your hands. Here at Sir Plus, we’ve rediscovered our love of lounging through the weekend because we want to – not because we’ve got sore heads. And with lounging comes, of course, the need for quality loungewear.


The cover-all

Men's Dressing Gown UKTechnically, dressing gowns are to be worn in the period between waking up and getting dressed. But who’s to say that can’t last all day? There’s something very indulgent about staying robed well into the afternoon, particularly when you’re wrapped in a premium cashmere-wool blend or Liberty London print cotton. We pay just as much attention to  detail in our dressing gowns as we do our winter coats. Each one is fully lined for warmth, cut generously for a comfortable, relaxed fit and finished with a self-fabric belt.

The essentials 

Boxer Shorts

The foundation of any good ensemble is proper underwear. Of course, on days when you’re not braving the outside world, a comfortable pair of boxer shorts is often all you need (assuming you’ve got the heating on). We make ours with a stretch waistband and a gusset – a panel of fabric which creates extra room and ensures that there’s no uncomfortable seam running up the back. Choose a Liberty London print to match your dressing gown.


The base layer

Grey Men's T-Shirts 

While there’s nothing wrong with lounging in a two-piece boxers and dressing gown combo, sometimes you’ll want to wear something underneath your dressing gown, both for your comfort and for that of anyone who might knock on your door. Here, a t-shirt will do the trick. Ours are cut with a raglan sleeve – named for the first Baron Raglan who, after having his arm amputated during the Battle of Waterloo, had his coat fitted with a sleeve that extended up to the collar for greater movement and enough room to use his sword one-handed. We don’t imagine you’ll use yours for anything quite so taxing, but we’ve found it certainly makes picking up the remote a little easier. 


Best foot first

Men's Socks

Putting on a pair of socks is one of the quickest ways to warm up on a cold, wintry day – but you can’t make do with any old mismatched pair. Our sock philosophy has two main pillars: they should be carefully made from quality fabric, and they should never be boring. We use wool-cashmere blends (including a premium 90% Loro Piana cashmere) in our socks, which come in a range of lively colours perfect for sliding on wooden floors, Risky Business style. 

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