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Kickstarter - Be part of our journey

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After much anticipation, we've launched our Kickstarter campaign! It's to generate funding for our next project – a high-tech, flagship store on wheels. For anyone whose seen our faithful cart over the years, you'll know it's about time we upgraded.




Endless sketches, infinite suggestions and an immeasurable amount of ideas have been contrived, discussed and designed. Now we just need help to make our paper plans a beautiful, high-tech reality.




Stall sketch

Kickstarter is a global fundraising platform, helping creative projects take off. Entrepreneurs and companies, big or small, use Kickstarter to explain their project and find the support they need.

Anyone, anywhere, can back a Kickstarter campaign to help develop something that catches their eye. For pledging, backers are offered exclusive rewards.


 Reward 15 - A Nehru jacket, jumper and pocket squares

Reward 15 - A Nehru jacket, jumper and pocket squares

Our target is £15,000 to fund our new minivan and trailer. Some of the features it will include:

- 2 x Foldable canopies

- 6 x Doors on van

- Battery powered retail lighting to aluminate clothing

- Hinged covers to protect stock

- Hanging space for 150 garments

- Shelving space for shirts, knitwear et al

- Televisual monitors to display garments 

- Admin desk for payment station

- Branded signage

For pledging, not only will you be a Sir Plus hero, you'll be offered a variety of exclusive rewards. As well as special discount on our products, other options include an invite to our launch party and even the opportunity to have a product named in your honour or your name engraved on the new vehicle. A timely reminder of the support and contribution you made to the future of Sir Plus, taken to every fair, show and market we do.

We will be keeping everyone updated. A massive thank you to anyone who has, is or plans to contribute to our next chapter.


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