Over the past few weeks we've been so absorbed in creating new products that we forgot to take the pics.

Coincidentally our very talented friend, Daisy at Lilah Clothing, informed us she was doing a photo-shoot. Daisy had chosen Lock Studios in Haggerston, which is a convenient 10 minute walk down the canal and was happy for us to jump in. The likes of Vogue, GQ and Acne have shot here. Even more amazingly our collections gel really well. We got both product and lifestyle shots for ourselves, we also got to shoot some amazing collaborative frames.

Selecting the best of our clothing wasn't easy, as we have so many new exquisite items (especially waistcoats). We were gearing the shoot towards the spring/summer vibe 'at the races', although we tried a few alternatives and more edgy looks too, which also worked well. Luckily for us, we had a pro, efficient and rather attractive team which meant we managed to get most of our new gear in the lens. We can confirm it looks insanely good, and we can't wait to show you! Although, we might not get to show you all just yet... as we're sure you already know, we've got a new product and we're keeping you in suspense until the big reveal.

Keep a look out for the new shots appearing online and even more importantly check out our new garments in store. When the snaps go live we'll link you back to the product.

Sir Plus x

Psst... The pictures you can see on this blog were a Sir Plus shoot later in the day, we're waiting for the perfectly edited studio snaps to be wired to us, get ready!

Nehru waistcoat

Nehru waistcoat

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