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The Mandarin collar originated from Imperial China and is representative of traditional Manchurian dress. The collar became a prevailing look for oriental and minimalist styles, which can be seen throughout decades of fashion.

In the early 1900s, as a result of the fusion of Oriental and Indian tailoring, the Mandarin collar began its rise in Indian culture. Originally it was known as the 'closed neck coat'. Nevertheless, ‘the garment with no name’ was making its way into most Indian wardrobes.

The collar in question was soon to be donned by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister. Nehru is considered the architect of the modern Indian State, but despite such an accolade, is as well known for his dress sense as his political achievements.

So rarely was Nehru seen without a “Mandarin collared” jacket, that it soon became the “Nehru” collar and the “Nehru” jacket.
Following Jawaharlal Nehru’s feature in Vogue, the stylish collar prevailed in fashion and was worn by rock icons such as The Beatles. Whilst initially being a trend lasting around 5 years in the 60’s, the Nehru is coming back swinging: noted as a particularly classy and upmarket casual jacket for both ladies and gents. Apart from Jawaharlal and The Beatles, other famous names to be seen in the jacket include James Bond and Bill Clinton, and it also appears in collections by designers such as Gucci and Armani.

The Nehru provides a more relaxed alternative to the traditional suit, which is almost always worn with a shirt and tie. Once it became more socially acceptable and fashionable to wear a mandarin collar, Northern India adopted the style in court. The Nehru was effortlessly elegant and became highly fashionable.

We have taken elements from both the Oriental and Indian style and reworked it them into our Sir Plus Jerkins. Our most recent Jerkins have luxurious cashmere collars and pockets, partnered with harris tweed, herringbone and merino wool. A luxury pastiche, which we are sure would’ve delighted Nehru himself. Remember Sir Plus also tailor women's Jerkins too. After all, Nehru did fight for equal rights.

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