Sir Plus had been trading for a good few months now and it's time to reflect.

The choice of name for any start up company is always a big deal and you're forever questioning if its right. First name we came up with was R. Suggers (thanks to Uncle Jim for that one). However, it was decided that once we branched out from boxers (hadn't expected to do so so soon), R. Suggers would seem a bit irrelevant.

Sir Plus came like a flash during a day dream and I was pretty happy with it. It sums up what the company does brilliantly and demonstrates a bit of the character of the clothes, as well as whom they target. Only problem is, are people going to think it's for over-sized people???

Well, it's certainly come up a number of times, but not enough to be a real issue. Besides, I accidentally ordered too many X-large boxers, so bring on the big boys!


Sir Plus


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